Posted on Dec 3, 2019

Taylor Christmas Tree Farm

Good morning from the Taylor Christmas tree farm it is a little after 9 and yes we are running behind again.

YouTube another super successful day yesterday and record-breaking tree sales we are a little worn out but we should be there by around 9:25 so please be patient once again.

We have had such a huge turnout and the 1000 + inventory of trees is Gwendoline down to around the 500 trees remaining in our inventory!

This is another record-breaking year and we have lots of new people coming out that have never had a live tree before or just had not had one in many many years and want to restart the tradition.

Please don't delay on getting your tree this year and if you could do it during the evenings during the week you would be able to get in and out a little quicker because the weekends are super busy but everybody is very friendly that comes and visits us and we appreciate everyone's patience.

Thank you once again from the Taylor Christmas tree farm and from the Taylor family
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